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Spiderman's Nano Tech Suit

Peter Parker morph into Spiderman! This is the first time Peter gets the nano-tech watch which morphs him into Spiderman. It's truly amazing, I've always dreamed of having the watch he wears on his wrist throughout the entire show and now I want to share my love of his morpher with you guys! I hope you enjoy.

Nano technology is a relatively new field in science. We now have the technology to manipulate atoms and molecules at that scale. I'm sure the first idea that pops up on your mind when thinking of nanotech are .... robots in the human body that repair tissue.

"Spiderman Unlimited" had a wrist watch that contained nanomachines, that when activated, came out and formed his suit. It would protect him from villains, repair his body, and give him special powers.

At 00.35 features nano technology, millions of microscopic robots working in harmony to make up the suit for Spiderman. 07.35 features his stealth mode. Here's an episode of Spiderman Unlimited...enjoy!

Web of Shadows
The game begins with Spider-Man searching for Mary Jane Watson while the city of New York is infested with symbiotes. He finds her with Luke Cage but then sees a mysterious figure and is attacked. During a flashback to four days earlier, Spider-Man retells his account of how his encounter with Venom ended with a piece of the symbiote binding to himself. After the fight with Venom, a hurt Mary Jane is sent to a hospital and meets Luke Cage during a gang war. Cage explains that the Rolling Sevens and Park Avenue gangs are at war, and that their task is to bring the two to a truce. After pursuing the two gang leaders across the city, Spider-Man manages to get them to agree to a peaceful meeting in Central Park.
Outside the rendezvous point, Spider-Man discovers high-tech assassins on top of the nearby buildings. After defeating them, he traces the assassins back to the Kingpin. After a few encounters with the Black Cat, Moon Knight, Vulture, and Kingpin’s gang, Spider-Man and the Kingpin's henchmen are attacked by symbiote-controlled citizens of New York City. The police soon arrive and Spider-Man is witnessed throwing symbiote controlled people off of a building and is then considered to be a murderer.

Wolverine, thinking Spider-Man to be possessed by a symbiote, tracks down and confronts the web-slinger. After a battle, the two settle their differences and begin tracking down infected citizens (who are beginning to transform into monsters). Eventually, Spider-Man finds Venom throwing people into symbiote pods, turning them into monsters. After the pods are destroyed, and the second fight with Venom, S.H.I.E.L.D. quarantines New York and sets up symbiote controlled citizen quarantine camps. Electro attacks one of the camps looking for his sister, who is not yet being controlled by her symbiote piece. She accidentally passes it on to him when tending to Electro after Black Widow shoots him top prevent more chaos. This makes him the first super-powered, symbiote-possessed human.

Spider-Man decides the only way to save New York is to break the Tinkerer out of Ryker's Island in order to utilise his scientific genius to find a countermeasure to the symbiotes. Upon reaching the prison, Spider-Man teams up with the Rhino, using his strength to help free the Tinkerer. The Tinkerer then designs a device to be installed on the Trask Building that removes the symbiotes from their hosts without causing harm to the hosts. After defeating symbiote-infected versions of Electro, Wolverine, Black Cat, and the Vulture, (In which after the boss is defeated, the player gets a choice of either let them live or kill them in which the story changes depending on the players choice) Spider-Man activates the device and destroys all the symbiotes in New York City itself, including his own. He then responds to an attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which is infested by Venom and the remaining symbiotes.

Enlisting Moon Knight to carry him to the Helicarrier, Spider-Man, assisted by his allies, sets bombs to destroy the ship, but is confronted by Venom in the form of a liquid-like, monstrous five-headed behemoth. Spider-Man is able to destroy four of the heads, and calls on Eddie Brock to try to assist with destroying the symbiotes. Realizing the massive destruction to New York that has been caused by his alter ego, Brock commits suicide by climbing into one of the engines, or Spider-Man uses webbing to pull him in. The symbiote monster weakens without its host/main body, and the Helicarrier explodes, destroying the symbiote as Spider-Man escapes.

There are four different endings to the game, depending on the choices a player makes.
A few weeks after the explosion of the Helicarrier and the death of Venom, Spider-Man narrates about his victory on the top of a building. He is caught by Mary Jane, whom he wishes to forget he was narrating by web-swinging with her.
Spider-Man tries to call Mary Jane, who doesn't pick up, and Spider-Man leaves a message saying he's sorry for what he did.
Spider-Man becomes 'king' of the symbiotes, and says that Mary Jane will be his again, and that nobody says no to Spider-Man. The creatures then 'praise' him.
Spider-Man is 'king' of the symbiotes, with an infected Black Cat as his 'queen'. She tells him that she promised him the city, with Spider-Man responding by saying that he never knew what power was, and the creatures 'praise' them.

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Ending (Check out the 4 Spiderman from different dimensions)

Spider Man: Edge of Time All Cutscenes (Spiderman 2099)

"Spider-Man: Edge of Time" Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

I used to wake up early on Sundays when I was younger just to watch these:
Spider Wars:
Spider-Man, (Season 05-Episode 12 (64))

Spider Wars, Chapter II Farewell, Spider-Man (Season 05-Episode 13 (65)

Spider-Armor Mark II

Spider-Man's Anti-Sinister Six Suit

After the death of Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), Peter joined the Fantastic Four, now as the Future Foundation and helped them to fight an interdimentional version of Reed Richards, and the Sinister Six, who managed to steal tech from the Baxter Buidling.
Their third mission was in the Caribbean, on Earth. There, Reed located the epicenter of the dimensional anomalies the Future Foundation had been fixing. As the team explored the island, they were attacked by zombie pirates. It was revealed it was all a fake created by the Sinister Six, of whom only Mysterio and Chamaleon were really present there - the other four members being robots. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus and the others infiltrated the Baxter Building, stealing technology for Doc Ock's further plans

A special outfit designed by Reed Richards for Spider-Man's use as part of the Future Foundation. The costume is designed with third generation unstable molecules, allowing him to alter its styling by thought, permiting him to change his costume from the classic to the Future Foundation one. Beyond that, it still functions the same way the normal costumes do.

Eddie Brock Becomes Venom (Spider Man 3)

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