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Act as though I am and I will be - Joseph Murphy in other words, get the LOOK!
Your future is in your hands. You alone are responsible for your future. Where you are now, where you have been and where you are going is a result of every conscious and unconscious decision you have ever made. Your success or failure is ultimately in your hands, not your parent's, wife's, friend's or even your employer's but YOURS.

Most give the process little serious thought or planning. Sucess rarely comes easily or by accident, in most cases it involves consistent personal development; lessons learned from painful mistakes, clear personal goals, careful planning, self-promotion, continuing education and consistency of effort.


Teeth: Visit the dentist and have regular cleaning & polishing every 6 months.

FIX: Stained teeth, usually yellow (from regular wear and tear, dietary habits as well as poor dental hygiene) or even dark brown or grey (from tetracycline antibotics)
Solution: BLEACHING (Cost: Home bleaching from $300 Chairside (no plasma arc)
From $400 - 500 Chairside (with plasma arc system) $1300-1500)
If you choose to bleach your teeth at home, your dentist will custom make
a splint (a transparent silicone guard) that fits exactly over your
teeth and he'll show you how to apply a peroxide gel to your teeth.
You will have to wear this splint, generally, for an hour or half an hour
a day for about a week to see results. (Tip: do it at bedtime)
Alternatively, your dentist can do it as an in-chair procedure with
a concentrated oxidising agent, usually a hydrogen-peroxide gel, to bleach
your teeth. The bleaching action is "activated" with either heat, or
a combination of heat and light (one popular system, BriteSmile, uses
a plasma arc- a very concentrated blue light). You can have whiter
teeth in just one hour-long visit(each treatment consists of three 20-minute
sessions). You may also be given a home kit (several tubes of less
concentrated peroxide gel and a custom-made splint for touch-ups at home)
But beware, however, that there can be certain side effects of whitening
treatments such as increased tooth sensitivity to cold, for a few days
after the process. Tip: Beware of home remedies that contain abrasives
like silica (check the list of active ingredients) These "Whiten" teeth
by rubbing away the top layer of your protective tooth enamel and can
lead to problems like sensitivity after prolonged use.

Solution 2: Veneers (Cost: From $150 per tooth)
Generally, bleaching does not work well on grey or brown stains. These
types of stains are usually incorporated into the basic tooth structure,
due to faulty hardening of the tooth before birth or the interruption of
normal enamel formation by medication (like tetracycline) or disease.
To correct such stains, dentist may suggest veneers, where a thin layer
of tooth-coloured porcelain, composite resin or plastic is chemically
sealed to the teeth. To do this, part of the hard surface of your tooth
(enamel) may have to be removed for a stronger hold (also, this way, adding
veneer would make your tooth look "fatter") It takes two visits
to complete this procedure-the first to prep the tooth to be laminated,
the second to fit the laminate in.
Tip: Your dentist can even use veneers to elongate your teeth if they
seem too small for your smile. You could end up with not just a
brighter smile, but one with better proportions.

Fix: Small to medium-sized gaps (up to about one-third of a tooth in width),
irregular tooth edges, some types of dark-stained teeth, teeth that are
too small or irregularly shaped, mildly crooked, fractured or chipped teeth
Solution: BONDING (Cost: $150 per tooth)
Most general dentists are able to perform bonding, a painless and versatile procedure.
A tooth-coloured resin is attached to existing teeth. This is then
sculpted to the desired shape and hardened with a high-intensity light source.
This procedure can be used to shrink gaps between teeth, enlarge teeth or create
a straighter-looking smile. Bonding is an effective aesthetic technique
and the result is generally very strong and long-lasting (with proper care).
It is especially useful in fixing chips, or parts of your teeth where
the tooth enamel is too worn out. However, because our teeth are usually
not evenly coloured, a certain amount of artistry is involved - your dentist
should know how to mix the various shades of the bond so that the
result is just right. Through the technique of bonding, a single tooth can
be shaped and coloured, or your entire smile can be changed in a most
natural-looking way.

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