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Kamen Teacher

Japan is so fucking crazy, so thank god for that. Now we have "Kamen Teacher" !
Based on the manga series "Kamen Teacher" by Tooru Fujisawa (published from August, 2006 to October, 2007 by magazine Weekly Young Jump).  

Title:  Kamen Teacher
Alt Names:     Masked Teacher
Author:     Fujisawa Tohru
Artist:     Fujisawa Tohru
Kyokuran is a public high school with 80% delinquents.
Araki Gota and Kamen Teacher are new teachers that have been hired to solve the problems. Will they be able to properly give a lesson to the delinquents?

The manga centers around Gōta Araki, a special Instructor in the Kamen Teacher Program which gives problem schools a complete overhaul. When he dons a mask, Araki becomes "Kamen Teacher Hayato Jūmonji," a hero for justice. He brings light to troubled schools by putting down delinquents. In the sequel manga, Kamen Teacher works at a notable school for wealthy socialites, where powerful parents and money mean everything to students.From the mangaka of GTO.
More violence and ecchi than GTO with very nice art.

The original Kamen Teacher manga is inspiring a live-action television adaptation starring Kis-My-Ft2 idol group member Taisuke Fujigaya, which premiered on July 6.


Kamen Teacher Trailer Subbed『仮面ティーチャー』 予告編

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Gota Araki begins work at a new high school. He is assigned to the school's notorious 2nd Year, Class C as their homeroom teacher. All of the students in Class C are violent delinquents, who have no respect for authority figures. Gota Araki quickly becomes acclimated with the students during his first day. He is beaten by his students, but he doesn't fight back. Gota Araki wants to breakthrough the student's tough outer shells, but he soon discovers that the students are more wounded than he could ever imagine. Gota Araki then turns to his mask. Will it take power or heart to change his students? 

The series will be led by Taisuke Fujigaya of Kis-My-Ft2 as Gota Araki, a teacher that was transferred to a new high school after a certain incident. This time, he will handle class 2-C, which composes of problem students led by the one called "M4". To reach to his students, Araki resorts in using the power of the mask.

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