Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man of Steel - Superman !

The Man of Steel Superman

Man of Steel, from producer Christopher Nolan, opens in theaters this weekend.

"Christopher....hes such an inventive writer.He doesn't like to go back over old material.Its gonna be as new as he can make it ,and hes pretty good at making it new. "
-Morgan Freeman

You know you have greatness in you - and, sometimes, you just have to let it out. As Coach Cox says, "When you're on that field, you gotta flip a switch!" (

Henry Cavill is the Man of Steel.

Michael Shannon is General Zod.

Faora Suit

Explore Warby Parker's Man of Steel experience, and check out their limited edition glasses inspired by the film:

What Kryptonian house do you belong to?
Discover your glyph, ancestral house and name, and display it proudly on your photos:

Cihan assembles his Superman figures (he has a collection of 280 items!) into different arrangements and takes cool cinematic shots such as the one featured below. 

Watch the epic new trailer for Man of Steel:
"The fate of your planet rests in your hands."


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