Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who's doing who a favor?

Saw this image that is a pretty interesting topic to think about.

This poster is actually what AWARE had been trying to portray women.

Take a closer look, this poster actually make women seem very calculative.

Dun marry any woman like this, she will calculate everything about what she had done and thinks you owe her everything she wants (because she do a lot for you so whatever you do for her is just repayment).

You will suffer with this kind of women. So do these women a favour, they deserve to live alone till they die.

all of the listed trails and sufferings are a choice, a women can go through an entire lifespan perfectly fine without having to undergo any of those. and like every human being given a choice, women will do cost-benefit analysis before committing to decision she has power over.

obviously most don't commit to a marriage/baby due to pure sense of duty and honour,its cuz by her analysis, the benefits and pleasures of having a child far outweigh that of the suffering needed to bring one into this world. that's why they say the 2 happiest days of a women's life is usually her wedding day and the day she gives birth.

"I think by default all things deserve respect. Its what they do that takes the respect away from u. People who act like beggar but dun admit they're beggars, got hand got leg dun wanna work wanna keep asking for money and cry poor. Beggars are more honourable than such people cause at least they admit and dun lie that they are not begging. People who act like prostitute but dun admit they're prostitute, find bf or husband jus to milk them off and if they can't produce enough milk ($) then divorce them and run away to someone else who got the milk. People like such dun deserve respect from me. Prostitutes deserve more respect from me than such people, at least they admit and they do a fair trade.

People who study so much all the way to degree, but grad liao only wanna be tai tai and let people feed. Such people utter waste the many resources (govt subsidy, food, space, admission slots in the schools they studied, etc)in this world where other people are slaving themselves off everyday jus for some bread for the family, in 3rd world countries.

For someone who deserves my respect like my wife, even though we're married I dun expect her to change her family name, dun expect her to move away from her parents, dun expect her to shoulder all the housework etc jus because she's a woman. We try to work together to cover all the things that we need to do as a family.

Respect is not about gender or race or the colour of yer skin or the language u speak. Its about the kind of traits someone has, which deserves respect or not." - Fallen1

Men Thoughts:
she also control ur life...

Incur more expenses for you...

Gives u mood swing when u have enough stress at work...

A lot of women act like they are doing man a favor by marrying them, but let's think about this:
He took an effort to plan a wedding proposal that would you finally say "yes". He scrimp every single possible cents just to buy you a proposal ring that won't reject and complain in future. He buys a house, pay for mortgage (up till 30yrs of life) and construction just to give you a comfortable home to stay. While a home does come's with a kitchen, he has to buy food from stores outside every single day for his meals, just not to trouble you much. He gets you pregnant destory his income and almost give up every possible ambition he has of his life to have a complete family with you. The amount of risk and pain that he took during his reservist just to make sure that you have a safe night to sleep in. Even the kids bears his name, if she decided to go against him and file a divorce, IT IS STILL HIS RESPONSIBLITY to pay for the kid's needs accordingly to Women's Charter of Singapore. Until the day he dies, every thing he did is for your benefit. So, seriously! who is doing more a favor?

Respect each other.. bear responsibilities together.. there isn't who contributing more or less. It's just different roles.. If you are thinking that you are giving in too much...
Go look up your wedding video .. your vows.. and ask yourself why did married back then. and find back that happiness instead of finding who is putting in more effort...

I find that men-women relationship should be based on mutual trust, understanding, respect, give and take, occasional act blur, not to be too smart.

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