Friday, October 12, 2012

DD Hokuto no Ken DD北斗之拳

I've always loved Hokuto no Ken ever since I've watched it when I was a teenager when I was at my friends place. Now that there's a "Super Deformed" version of it, and I've always like "super deformed" characters as I find that particularly cute and funny..... How not to  spread the word about it? 

 dd hokuto no ken
DD Hokuto no Ken (DD北斗之拳) or (DD北斗の拳) is a parody of Hokuto no Ken, ( 北斗之拳 )

The premise takes place in an alternate universe more like our own in which the nuclear holocaust in the 1990s didn't happen and the characters are forced to take menial jobs.

DD Hokuto no Ken Episode 1 : Anime

Manga: Unavaible yet

Hokuto No Ken Universe:

Super-deformed version of Buronson, Hara Tetsuo's post-apocalyptic fighting manga.
Note: The "DD" stands for "Design Deformation," since the characters are only "two-heads-tall.

Some images of  DD Hokuto No Ken images below:

Linkable Link here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1 crown-wen-xia-yu

kenshiro breaks out of chain


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