Monday, July 2, 2012

Prometheus Mapping Drones

If you have seen Ridley Scott's new movie Prometheus you probably noticed one interesting invention: a laser scanning flying device that can map the interior/area around it as it scans it's environment while floating around. I personally think it's a very cool tool to explore and map out a unknown area and terriority. 

(Prometheus mapping device)

The red glowing balls we've seen flying through the tunnels in the latest trailers, are revealed as Spectagraphs and are invented in 2063: "Weyland Industries earns patent number 17,900,353 for Method and Apparatus for an antigravity device that 3D live-maps any foreign terrain, revolutionizing the pre-process of terraforming and developing new colonies."

The Scene where they deploy some cool looking little mapping drones that they launch into the air and they shoot off down the tunnels, scanning the surface with lasers and streaming back topographic data as they go.

The drones do their thing and the command team back on the ship watch as they start to build up a picture. In this diagram I'm presuming the team members are the little yellow diamonds and the red points are the mapping drones. The green cylindrical shapes are the tunnels they have covered. The archaelogical team start looking around whilst the mapping drones give them a more accurate picture of their surroundings and they discover some hieroglyphs that correspond to the images they found on Earth. They were right and the puzzle seems to make sense. David makes the discovery and informs the rest of the team which only serves to make him look more suspicious. The mapping drones finish their work as they have hit a dead-end. The team move to see what is blocking their way and find a door with the probes pressed against it, trying to go deeper into the structure.  

Someone attempts to the the scanning ball drone like the one in Prometheus the movie

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