Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 Film

For us children, our mother's nagging can be a frustrating, constant annoyance. However, when her presence is no longer felt, these words become our strongest source of comfort and affection. It is then that we learn to hold on tightly to these warm, faint traces of memories.


All of us from Blotch Studios are entering college this year, and most of us are leaving Singapore to pursue our education overseas. This is a turning point for many of us, where we mature from teenagers to young adults, spread our wings and leave our homes. As time passes, we grow up and our parents grow old. With Mother's Day just round the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our mothers and show them our gratitude.

This film is a tribute to all mothers of the world. There are times when we may not appreciate your presence, but we will always feel your absence. Although we may not agree on everything, we thank you for your unconditional, everlasting love and dedication, for bringing us into this world and for showing us what it means to be a selfless pillar of our families.

Do us and yourselves a favour, and show this film to your mothers. Better still, enjoy it with them.

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Thank You.

Director: Victor Gan
Producer: Jerrold Chong
Story Writer: Victor Gan Jerrold Chong Andrea Quek
Director of Photography: Matthew Lim
Asst Director of Photography: Jerrold Chong
Sound Recording: Charlotte Wong
Sound Design: Teo Chia Kai
Music Composer: Bob Wong

A Blotch Studios Film © 2012
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